Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School



Nurture - Inspire - Challenge

Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School caters for up to 230 children. Children can begin in the Nursery when they are 3, move into school at age 4 and remain until they are 7 when they transfer to Barton Junior School

The Early Years provision at Shatterlocks is highly regarded across the county with children enjoying a wealth of learning experiences and opportunities, ensuring a sound basis upon which future learning can be based. Children enjoy and achieve through a lively, inclusive curriculum, which is constantly evolving to develop a lifelong love of learning. The daily breakfast and after school clubs ensure that we offer wrap-around care to all our children.

At Shatterlocks the relationship between children, staff, school and home is seen as vital to enabling all children to achieve their full potential. In July 2019 Ofsted graded the school as 'Outstanding in every area'.

 "The school is a happy place. Pupils are motivated and excited to come to school. They are exceptionally keen learners and rise to the high expectations set for them"


"The curriculum is inspiring"

"The most able pupils make exceptional progress in reading, writing and mathematics"


"Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning"

"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding"


"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding"

"The early years environment is engaging and stimulating both inside and out. Pupils have a wide range of activities that excite their interest and curiosity"


"Children make exceptionally strong progress from their starting points in the early years"

Ofsted, May 2019


Miss M O'Dell - Headteacher

Shatterlocks Infant and Nursery School