Our Vision


INSPIRE creative, exciting, accessible learning

BELIEVE in a brighter and better future

ACHIEVE and thrive 

Samphire Star Education Trust is enthusiastically committed to the delivery of an exciting and outstanding education for all our pupils.

We believe in tomorrow’s society and fight to improve opportunities and aspirations for everyone through our core values; compassion, integrity, collaboration, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and resilience.

By listening to the needs and opinions of pupils, staff, parents and the community we ensure Trustees provide clarity and transparency in our policies and decisions.

Achievement is different for each one of us. An inspirational learning experience, together with supportive pastoral care and safeguarding, should be available to all children.  

We believe in high standards of courtesy, respect and behaviour in order to prepare young people for adult life. We value the teamwork, energy and trust that results from enduring relationships.

Trustees are committed to providing strong leadership that will enable staff and pupils to achieve the best versions of themselves through outstanding teaching and learning.

We believe in working together to provide a better and brighter future.

The Trust’s Vision is to enable our communities to thrive by giving children the best opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom.