Dr Clare Stubbs

Teacher, Astor Secondary School

I’ve been working within the Trust since September 2015. I can honestly say, having worked in education across Kent in private, grammar and comprehensive schools, that Astor Secondary School is the best school I have ever worked in. As well as being Head of Criminology, I teach English, chair Student Voice, am Autism Champion (having Asperger’s Syndrome myself) and am part of the drive to achieve environmental sustainability for the Trust. I also run a club for Dinosaur enthusiasts called Fossil Hunters!

My experience of the students is that they feel safe and feel nurtured. No one is under pressure, rather we challenge students to develop resilience and do the best they can. We have numerous strategies in place to support those needing extra help and lots of extra curricular opportunities for students who want to push themselves academically or pursue sport, dance, drama, art or other activities.

Astor is a relaxed, happy and genuinely caring place to work. I’ve never felt judged or pressured, and the same culture exists across all the Trust schools. I enjoy working in such a supportive school where all my colleagues are approachable, and the leadership team’s doors are always open. Everyone has time for everyone else, and individuals are encouraged to be themselves.

I was about to leave teaching when I was persuaded to apply for the job at Astor Secondary School. After joining, I quickly decided to make Astor my ‘forever school’ and am about to start my eighth year as part of the ‘Trust family’. I’m sure if you or your children join us at the Samphire Star Education Trust, your experience would be just as positive.