Model of Governance


Mr Gordon Cowan
Mr Andrew Ireland
Mrs Bernie Mayall

Trust Board

Mr Ryan Davies (Chair)

Mr Barry Williams (Data Protection Trustee)

Mrs Carol Boxall (Vice Chair, SEND and Safeguarding Trustee)

Miss Adriana Perez (6 Month sabbatical)

Mr Stephen Haslehurst

Miss Rhiannon Begg
Dr Ken Powell 

Miss Sarah Smith

Mr Ayaz Khan
3 Vacancies

Audit and Risk Committee

Mr Barry Williams (Chair)

Mr Ken Powell 

Mr Neil Castle

Mr Robert Barham Brown


Local Governance - School Council

Mrs Carol Boxall

Mr Stephen Haslehurst

Miss Rhiannon Begg

Mrs Joanna Boughtwood

Miss Fiona Bradley

Mrs Val Clough


Personnel Working Group

Mrs Sarah Smith

Mrs Carol Boxall

Miss Adriana Perez





Mr David Meades (Chief Executive Officer and Accounting Officer)

Mr James Darnley (Chief Finance Officer)


Mr Lee Kane

Mrs Mel O’Dell

Mrs Helen Castle




Mrs Sophie Davies

Governance Documents