Alex Farmer

Teacher, Astor Secondary School

Having worked for the Trust for 10 years I have been lucky enough to take on numerous roles starting with the position of sound and video editor at KETV studios.

Whilst working at the studio I became a familiar face around Astor Secondary School helping in a variety of projects from running live sound for their theatre shows to teaching A-Level Media Studies students how to edit video. It was during this time that I became interested in teaching and started to think about completing teacher training. I was fortunate enough that the Trust caught wind of this and recognised my potential and so offered me the opportunity to teach Media Studies whilst also helping me to complete my QTS assessment course.

I am very grateful for the confidence the Trust has had in my work and has allowed me the freedom to adapt and sculpt the pre-existing KS4 and KS5 Media courses so that I could bring in my own industry experiences. It is not only in my department that I have seen this though, throughout the Trust curriculum adaptation and experimentation is actively encouraged resulting in fantastic accomplishments from staff and students alike.